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Bio-Active Serum B5+ (9.5ml)

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Product Code: B5+ (9.5 ml)
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B5+ extracted from Artichoke leaf has been proven of its efficacy in pore minimising, skin whitening and lifting just within a week y time. It is used as an starter and booster for the problem skin such as open pores ,sagging , dull & pigmentation skin .


Product Literature

Bio-Active Serum B5+ extracted from Artichoke leaf which is originated from Mediterranean, Southern Europe,
 has been proven of its high efficacy in controlling the proliferation of Melanocyte ( pigmentation control) , 
decomposition of collagen fibers, reduction in size & the  number of noticeable pores.
Due to it is extracted from natural plant & simplicity in formulation , it is 100 % free of Hydroquinone .

The efficacy of Artichoke leaf has been discussed & proven in the 24h IFCC Congress OSAKA, JAPAN (2004) &
 the 104th meeting of Japanese Dermotological Society (2005)


Directions :

Cleanser > Toner > B5+ > Sun Block (Day Time)

Active Ingredients

Cynara Scolymus, Artichoke leaf extact

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