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AC Spray S55 (55ml)

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Specially  formulated for Acne &  Acne prone skin. It is effective in suppress excessive sebum secretion , unclog pores & eliminate acne bacteria within 7 days ! It is so easy to use & invisible especially during day time . Just spray over the face after cleansing , it is as simple as that !


Product Literature

AC Spray S55   was developed with the concept that acne is caused by different processes  that occur in the 
skin, such as sebaceous gland activity (hyper secretion of sebum), bacteria, inflammation, and the action of 
reactive oxygen. 
The different components of S55  specifically target these  skin conditions. Flavosterone  is anti-sebaceous 
gland  activity , Fermentage Pear, Dermaveil, and glycolic acid is meant for skin peeling ,
Oubaku and isopropylmethylpheno are  anti-bacteria agent whereas  Neem Leaf extract,  Ougon have  
anti-inflammatory &  anti-oxidation in general. 



After cleansing  & toning ,close your eyes & spray AC Spray S55 over the entire face lightly to evenly distribute the ingredients .

Active ingredients

Glycine Soja , Rehmannia Chinnesis Root Extract.

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