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Purifying Comedo Serum 81 ( 20 ml)

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Purifying Comedo Serum 81  helps to eliminate and prevent blackhead, open pores and acne formation. Prevent scars from gentle squeezing. (Use for comedo and blackhead skin.)

Product Literautre
Comedo, the primary sign of acne consisting of a widened hair follicle filled with keratin squamae , bacteria, and sebum . Comedones may be closed or open. A closed comedo has an obstructed opening to the skin and may rupture to cause a low-grade skin inflammatory reaction in the area. The common name for a closed comedo is a whitehead.An open comedo has a wide opening to the skin and is capped with a blackened mass of skin debris. It is commonly known as a blackhead.
Meso 81 has a complete formulation for comedo & oily skin, consists of active ingredients such as Zinc PCA, Sodium PCA, Zinc Glycerine , Burdock Extract & Tea Tree Oil.  Zinc PCA is effective for suppression of over active sebum  secretion that cause blackhead & clogged pores development.Besides that , it also delays aging process by reducing free radicals formation that leads to wrinkles. Sodium PCA , derived from Amino Acid is non-comedogenic & non-allerginic . Similar to Zink Glycerine, it is high moisture binding  raw material that keeps skin hydrated. Burdock extract is a powerful anti toxin ingredient to heal skin infected with acne &  comedo whereas tea tree oil is effective in anti microbial activity especially acne prone skin.



To be applied on T-Zone oily area, one to three times a day depends on the clogged condition. (Normal reaction: slight dry feeling.)

Active Ingredients

Zinc PCA, Sodium PCA, Zinc Glycerine, Burdock, Tea Tree Oil

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