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MEso Nano-Hyaluronic Silk Mask

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MEso Nano-Hyaluronic Silk Mask

Enriched with nano molecular Hyaluronic Acids  , variable molecule sizes of Hyaluronic acids is effective in retaining skin moisture  & water retention

under skin layer. With water soulble collagen as its active ingredient, it stimulate the biosyntesis of collagen & flexible cell protien.

 Recommended for dehydrated skin.



Peel off the mask protective layer ,applying the mask after competing facial cleansing & toning . Do Sit back & relax , enjoy the special feeling  of this Nano Hyaluronic
silk mask & leave it on for 25 -30 min.

Cautions : keep in cold storage , avoid direct sun light



Active Ingredients

Sodium Hyluronate, Water soluble collagen, Acacia Senegal Gum.


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