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Refreshing Toner pH5.5 (120ml)

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Refreshing toner pH5.5 balance skin pH to natural skin pH 5.5. Besides that, it also sooths & brightens skin tone evenly for the whole face. (Suitable for all skin type especially sensitive skin)

Product Literature
The pores of our skin are made up of a combination of oil and  sweat glands helping to keep our skin healthy and elastic. An excessive sebum secretion is often associated with oily skin and acne. This is particularly common in adolescents as the increased levels of sex hormones stimulate sebum production and secretion. When in balance, the combined excretion of oil and sweat from the skin’s pores has a pH of about 5.5.

With increasing age however, the skin’s pH becomes more and more neutral, and thus more susceptible to bacterial growth. This reduced acidity kills fewer bacteria than before, leaving the skin susceptible to bacterial growth and infections. The skin weakens as a result and begins developing problems with increasing age.

By using Refreshing Toner pH5.5 , it  restores normal pH of the skin and thus provide an environment not conducive to the growth of bacteria..In addition to that , the use of a toner will close the open pores, preventing blackheads and loss of moisture from the skin  as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate  which has very high retaining moisture capability.

Another active ingredient in pH 5.5 ,Chamomile improves tissue regeneration, reduces inflamation and swelling encourages the healing of wounds.Its soothing effect make it widely used for  relaxation in SPA industry.



Shake well before use. After cleansing, pat the refreshing toner onto face gently & evenly with a cotton.

Active ingredients

Charmomile extract, Sodium Hyaluronate

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