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Hydrating Anti-Aging Essence HA28 (35 ml)

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A very stable creamy essence in promoting  skin rejuvenation , moisturizing & skin firming for dry ,aging & sagging skin.

Product Literature

HA28 with Red Wine Polyphenols contains substantial amount of mineral elements , helps skin to maintain long & smooth blood circulation , neutralize free radical, protect skin from UV radiation , indirectly delay aging process , maintain smooth & delicate skin. Gingko extract is superb as an anti-sensitive agent & stimulate our blood circulation system. Skin friendly Jojoba Oil easily penetrates into epidermis & soften the horny layer , making skin so soft & elastic. Double molecular size of Hyaluronic Acid also plays a role of refining the wrinkles , get rid of dull & rough skin . Skin radiance shine through from inner layer of skin.


After cleansing & toning , apply & place it on your palm with appropriate amount , apply circular motion onto the whole face ,it will be fully absorbed & penetrated after a few minutes. For best results , apply with other series of MEso skin care.


Active Ingredients

Red Wine Polyphenols , Gingko Extract.

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